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Our Legal ServicesGeneral Criminal Defense, Felony Defense, DUI Defense, Traffic Ticket Defense. We serve Snohomish County, King County, Skagit County, Whatcom County, Island County and Pierce County. We offer same day consultations and payment plans.

Skagit County is a unique and diverse community that, while not as densely populated as its neighbor Counties, experiences drastic increases in visitors during Tulip Festival, Oyster Run, the Highland Games and others. Whether you are a resident of Skagit County or just visiting, if you have been charged with a criminal offense in Skagit County, you need the best Criminal Defense Attorney. Skagit County assigns its criminal offense to the courthouse located in Mt. Vernon.

Skagit County courts have a very specific way of hearing cases. They move much quicker than many other courts in terms of the amount of time you are to be heard by the judge. This means that communication between the attorneys outside of court is essential. As is knowing the proper procedure to have you matter heard before the judge and allotted its due time. As a Skagit County Defense Attorney, I know the procedures the court requires to ensure that you get the best possible defense and protect your future.

Snohomish County divides its misdemeanor prosecution between 4 divisions, depending on the location of the offense. For a Snohomish County Felony, the Shohomish County Superior Court in Everett is assigned every case. Your summons to come to court will direct you to which court you have been assigned. For charges involving a designated victim (like assault, theft, burglary, etc) you can expect to have your first court appearance quickly. For other charges (such as DUI, Obstruction, Reckless Driving, MIP) your first court appearance my be a few weeks after the arrest.

If charged with a crime in Snohomish County, you can expect the State or City to be prepared to prosecute you to the fullest extent. Gone are the days when a first offense DUI just got a slap on the wrist. Now a first time offense DUI is looking at mandatory jail time, fines, license suspension, and ignition interlock requirements. Similarly, it has become common practice to issue No Contact orders on allegations of Assault DV, which may force an individual out of their home immediately. You need the representation of a Snohomish County Criminal Defense Attorney to fight for your rights.

King County's dense population means that its courthouses are busier and more streamlined than most. Because of this, if you are arrested for a criminal offense in King County, you are likely to receive your first court date quickly. Especially if the allegation is for a DUI, Assault, or a crime that involves a designated victim. Depending on where in King County the criminal offense occurred, the court will assign your case to one of the 9 different Divisional court locations. This will be indicated on the summons you receive.

At this hearing, the judge will read the police report and impose conditions of release upon you. The King County judges tend to be very restrictive on their conditions of release, which could include No Contact orders, Ignition Interlock Requirements, meetings with probation, bail and more. King County judges error on the side of prosecutor. Having a King County Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your rights is the best chance you have at getting your case resolved without putting your future at risk.




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The Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy is committed to helping you fight for your rights and your future. When you are accused of a crime, you need the best criminal defense attorney to represent you. I have represented those of accused of crimes in Lynnwood, Snohomish County, King County, Skagit County and more. Knowing the court and the prosecutor is essential to crafting the best defense. Sometimes the best criminal defense in Lynnwood is not the best criminal defense for King County. I offer free consultation to discuss your case and how I can help. And because very few of us have a planned criminal defense fund, I offer reasonable payment plans.  Call for your free consultation.

FREE CONSULTATIONS:We offer free consultations and information to assist you in making the best decision. Whether it is a traffic ticket, a DUI, or another criminal matter, we will provide you with the information you need.

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, you must contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. After being arrested here is generally what to expect:

After arrest: You will either be cited and released or placed in Jail.

Jail: You may bail out or wait to be seen by a judge to impose conditions on your release. Either way you will receive a new court date soon for your Arraignment.

Arraignment: Depending on the county or city this may happen quickly after arrest or a few months down the road. At this hearing you will be informed of the charges against you, your rights as a defendant, and the judge will be able to impose conditions of release. You need to have an attorney with you at this time to ensure the least restrictive conditions are placed on you. After this hearing you will receive a new court date.

Pre-Trial: Some courts name the next hearing something different (such as an omnibus hearing) but it is essentially a time to check in with the judge. There may be a few of these hearings, but if a resolution is not reached, the next step is generally Trial.

This is an extremely simplified explanation, but should provide a roadmap for you. Contact the Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy to discuss your case specifics and what options are available to you.

Getting arrested can be can be a terrifying experience. In a matter of moments you can find yourself in cuffs, being read your rights, and in jail. In these situations you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy is there to ensure that you are treated with dignity and respect.

If you have been charged with a crime you will have many upcoming choices to make; the most important choice will be which attorney you hire to represent you. At the Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy you will be hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney that is accessible, skilled at developing the best defense, and will challenge the prosecutor to obtain the best results for you.  I take special care to work with you in both offering flexible payment plans and meeting schedules that fit your schedule.

I regularly represent those accused of crimes all throughout Western Washington. To receive a free case evaluation and to set up your free consultation, fill out the form below or call me at 206-427-4901.

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PAYMENT PLANS:It is important to have an attorney with you as soon as possible. We offer reasonable retainers and payment plans so that you can protect your rights.