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The Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy represents those accused of crimes in Western Washington.  Whether your are a first time offender or have some criminal history, the criminal justice system is a complex and scary apparatus of the government. The State will be armed with prosecutors, police officers, familiarity with the system and a budget that likely exceeds yours. You need a criminal defense attorney that will fight for you. Hoping for the best is not enough, you have to be prepared with a skilled defense lawyer.

Your right to be presumed innocent is the bedrock of our criminal justice process. Unfortunately, it is a bedrock that is quickly eroding. When you are arraigned for a criminal offense, the prosecutor will ask that the court place conditions on your release. The court has the power to impose very restricting and costly conditions on you, even if you have not been found guilty of any crime. If you are accused of a Felony DUI in Washington State, the law requires that the judge impose an ignition interlock requirement on your ability to drive while your case is pending. Similarly, if you have been accused of a domestic violence offense, most judges will impose a no contact order without much regard for your circumstances. You need a criminal defense lawyer on your side that will fight to have the least restrictive conditions placed on you so that we can fight for you rights.

A Felony charge is categorized as either an A, B, C, or unranked with A being the most severely punished.  The possible ramifications of a felony are very dependent on the type of allegation and the criminal history of the person accused. A review of the RCW for the charge is a good starting point, but to truly know the potential risk, speaking with a criminal defense attorney is essential. We review every case in light of the specific facts, your criminal history, and your goals in resolving the case. A felony case is both complex and can take  lot of time. You want a criminal defense attorney that knows the court and fights for you. 

Felonies are typically charged by the prosecutor in superior level courts.