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Each county within Washington State has their own specific district court procedures. The procedures are designed to meet the specific needs of the county. King county is more streamlined, to accommodate a more dense population. While Island county is more accustomed to working with individuals in the military. Having and lawyer that knows the specifics of the court you are in is essential.

If you have been charged with a crime anywhere in Western Washington, the Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the best criminal defense.  A criminal convictions can stay on your record forever, effecting everything from financial aid to employment to housing. You need a skilled criminal defense lawyer to fight for you. Call today for a free consultation and case evaluation.


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A Theft conviction can have serious implications on your future.  Theft is considered a crime of dishonesty which means that a prosecutor in a future case may be able to bring the Theft conviction to the attention of the jury, even if you are just a witness. Theft will also show up on a background check. There are few crimes that put a potential employer more on edge than a Theft conviction.  There are many ways to resolve a theft charge that can preserve your record a your employment potential. As a Theft Lawyer I have defended those accused of theft in Whatcom, Island, Skagit, Snohomish, and King county.  Even if the evidence seems piled up against you, contact the Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy for a free case evaluation and to discuss how we can protect your future.



Snohomish County divides its misdemeanor prosecution between 4 divisions, depending on the location of the offense. For a Snohomish County Felony, the Shohomish County Superior Court in Everett is assigned every case. Your summons to come to court will direct you to which court you have been assigned. For charges involving a designated victim (like assault, theft, burglary, etc) you can expect to have your first court appearance quickly. For other charges (such as DUI, Obstruction, Reckless Driving, MIP) your first court appearance my be a few weeks after the arrest.

If charged with a crime in Snohomish County, you can expect the State or City to be prepared to prosecute you to the fullest extent. Gone are the days when a first offense DUI just got a slap on the wrist. Now a first time offense DUI is looking at mandatory jail time, fines, license suspension, and ignition interlock requirements. Similarly, it has become common practice to issue No Contact orders on allegations of Assault DV, which may force an individual out of their home immediately. You need the representation of a Snohomish County Criminal Defense Attorney to fight for your rights.

Skagit County is a unique and diverse community that, while not as densely populated as its neighbor Counties, experiences drastic increases in visitors during Tulip Festival, Oyster Run, the Highland Games and others. Whether you are a resident of Skagit County or just visiting, if you have been charged with a criminal offense in Skagit County, you need the best Criminal Defense Attorney. Skagit County assigns its criminal offense to the courthouse located in Mt. Vernon.

Skagit County courts have a very specific way of hearing cases. They move much quicker than many other courts in terms of the amount of time you are to be heard by the judge. This means that communication between the attorneys outside of court is essential. As is knowing the proper procedure to have you matter heard before the judge and allotted its due time. As a Skagit County Defense Attorney, I know the procedures the court requires to ensure that you get the best possible defense and protect your future.

Theft of a motor vehicle: A person will be charged with Theft of a motor vehicle if the alleged item stolen was a motor vehicle.  Theft of a motor vehicle is a class B felony. RCW 9A.56.065.

Theft in the 1st Degree: A person will be charged with Theft in the 1st if the alleged theft of property or services is greater than $5000, is taken from the person of another, is a search and rescue dog, or is metal property (commercial, nonferrous, or private). Theft in the 1st degree is a class B Felony. RCW 9A.56.030.

Theft in the 2nd Degree: A person will be charged with Theft in the 2nd if the alleged theft of property or services is between $750 and $5000 (not including a firearm or a motor vehicle). Theft in the 2nd degree is a class C felony. RCW 9A.56.040.

Theft in the 3rd Degree: A person will be charged with Theft in 3rd if the alleged theft of property or services is valued at $750 or less, or involves merchandise pallets / beverage crates. Theft in the 3rd degree is a gross misdemeanor. RCW 9A.56.050.

If you have been charged with Theft, you need a theft lawyer to protect your rights. A theft charge has many different degrees, typically dependent on the amount, type, or value, of the alleged stolen item. To further complicate matters, if you have been accused of theft you may be facing a criminal charge and a civil action as well. The city or state will bring the criminal charges and prosecute the case. The victim can also bring a separate civil action to be compensated for their loss. If the theft was from a store, that employs loss prevention, the civil action may be for many hundreds of dollars more than the amount stolen (even if the items were returned). The civil action typically occurs first and is initiated by an attorney sending a civil demand requiring the payment of a certain amount. Paying this amount does not ensure that no criminal charges will be brought. Before you do, or pay, anything, contact the Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy. I am an experienced theft attorney that will help you navigate the court and civil actions to best preserve your rights and protect your future.

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE:   A criminal charge can be sudden and financially devastating. At the Law Firm of Lucas McWethy we will work with you to come up with a plan that you can afford. We offer in house financing, reasonable retainers, and discounts for military and first time offenders.

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