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Skagit County employs a full time prosecutor to represent the State on infraction matters. The prosecutor may have a number of interns as well. This means that the State has a representative present at every contested hearing. Unless you subpoena the Officer, the rules of infractions do not require the Officer to be present, his or her written report will take the place of his or her live testimony.  The State will have their attorneys and evidence, you need the best Skagit County Traffic Lawyer to represent you.

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why hire a skagit county traffic lawyer?

If you have received a Skagit County traffic ticket, you need a Skagit County Traffic Ticket Attorney. A Traffic Ticket can have a significant impact on your insurance, driving status, and job if you are a CDL holder. A moving violation (speeding ticket, HOV violation, running a stop sign, negligent driving in the second degree, following too closely, speed too fast for conditions, etc.), if found committed, will be reported to the Department of Licensing (DOL) and ultimately viewable by your insurance and future employer. Do not just pay the ticket, know your options and make an informed decision. A Traffic Lawyer is an affordable alternative to paying the increased insurance rates that a ticket can bring. Contact the Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy to discuss your options and how I can keep this ticket off your record.

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A Skagit County Traffic Ticket   is one that is issued within Skagit County by either a Washington State Patrol (WSP) Officer or a County Sheriff. If the ticket is county issued, it will be referred to the Skagit County District Court. The infraction will be prosecuted by a Skagit County Prosecutor who will be present at your hearing.

Skagit County District Court:

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