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A minor DUI is often accompanied by additional charges. Because of the nature of a minor DUI, the prosecutor can often charge an MIP, minor intoxicated in public, some version of using a fake ID, or any number of additional charges. These charge may be present at the arraignment or the prosecutor can add them later. It is important to know all the possible charges so that the best plan can be laid out to preserve you future. A DUI can impact a minor's life significantly, you need the protection of a lawyer skilled in minor DUI law to fight for your future. Call for a free consultation.

Driving under 21 Consuming Alcohol or Marijuana, often referred to as a Minor DUI, has long reaching effects. If you have been charged with Minor DUI in Snohomish County, Skagit County, King County, or Whatcom Count, contact the Law Firm of Lucas D. McWethy. Not only does a minor DUI charge contain the possibility of jail, license suspension, fines, and alcohol and drug treatment, but it also may effect your life in the future. A minor DUI may have effects on employment and/or school. The ramifications of a minor DUI are specific to the minor's age as well. A minor DUI when the person is under 18 will have different repercussions than if the minor is between 18 and 20. Contact a skilled DUI attorney to discuss your case and how we can keep if from impacting your future.

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A minor DUI may also be accompanied by an MIP, Minor intoxicated in public or any number of similar violations each with their own penalties.

It is important to note that if the alcohol or THC content is within range of the adult level the prosecutor may, and often does, charge an adult DUI regardless of the driver's age.

Driver Under 21 Consuming Alcohol or Marijuana, RCW 46.61.503:  A driver is guilty of this offense if they are under 21 and have a blood alcohol level of over .02 or a THC content greater than 0.00.